Terra Incognita

The term Terra Incognita comes from Latin meaning unknown land. It is used in cartography for regions that have not yet been mapped and possibly never explored.

I’ve never been much for the classic souvenir the trinkety key chain, the name magnet….I could do without. But a truck stop map and hand written directions I’ll immortalize that in my travel drawer forever.

And I have a whole stack of maps just like this. Some free, some paid for, given, printed, drawn on, but all used and at very least thoroughly enjoyed.

They sit in my top drawer. They remind me of a time of adventure, excitement, and taunting me to head out again.

Every so often when I have a lazy evening at home I’ll pull them out and trace the lines of the road I followed with my fingers.

That is where this project comes from; most posts are made in retrospect, some short, and some long an extended caption to the silent magic of my maps.

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