Earth Day 2018 - The Cape Town Water Crisis


Earth Day is my favourite holiday (after Thanksgiving) and every year I share a few amazing scenes I've witnessed to celebrate. This year though took a bit of somber turn having recently returned from Cape Town, South Africa. 

Cape Town has dried up, and from the moment I stepped off the plane to signs of conserving the water, to taps being shut off in almost every public washroom I used, I tried not to waste a drop. Coming from a water rich place into, what may potentially turn into the largest urban drought in history was a staunch reminder that water shortages though they don't effect me at home, are very real and aren’t going away. We can all be a little more careful with our usage.

So in celebration of this beautiful planet we live on I wanted to share an album of two minute songs South Africans wrote to keep your showers short. It amazes me the art that comes out of challenging situations, and a few photos of the shortage I witnessed there.