The Narwhal

The Narwhal's mission is to make complex energy and environment news accessible to Canadians and to shine a light on critical, under-reported stories, and so when Emma and Carol the masterminds behind the website approached me to do a few portraits for their rebrand I was excited. They launched their new website today and I'm so proud to have contributed in a small way. 

Narwhal- 0026.JPG

They were looking for something a little more casual, as if they were out reporting and  working in the field , while keeping it professional.  I had a few different locations in Victoria, BC in mind, but because we decided on a warm sunset glow the options of a clear west facing backdrop are few and far between and so we ended up on the top of Mt. Douglas.  

Narwhal- 0035.JPG
Narwhal- 0031.JPG

It was a pretty simple set up with the sun behind them, working as our main source of light and a white V-flat just to fill in the shadows and give us a little catch light. The photos were all shot on a Canon 5D3 with a Sigma 50mm Art lens.