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Entirely Lost, Cambodia

I am waiting behind the glass of a barred window on a busy city intersection. The cafe I sit in is sweltering – even the buddha on the shrine perched next to my table seems to be perspiring. The two tiny cockroaches milling around the window sill move slow because of the heat. The menu is small and every frozen smoothie I try to order is not available. I settle on some water instead. The rest of the menu trails into obscurity and I stare blankly at laminated paper. Khmer characters. An alphabet that makes as much sense to me as written english does to a toddler. I chose my meal carefully, completely by the flow of the script – the design.

I am entirely lost and entirely in love with Cambodia.


Except from my journal: Feb 27th 2012 12:17pm

This Must be the Place

On Sunday I found Lost and Found Films They are a small film company out of New York. They make short, true-to-life videos about real people. This Must Be The Place is a series of videos about people in their homes and this one really struck me.

John Coffer is a farmer in upstate New York. He left the rat race for a slower pace of life, and yet still blends modernity with other older traditional ways of living. He seems happy. Simplicity, and the chance to slow down is something I think I can take a lesson away from. (He is also a photographer himself which is maybe why I felt a connection)

"I got a bug to do wet plate photography in ’76. In this day and age of digital, it’s so easy to just shoot thousands of pictures a day. Each individual picture becomes rather insignificant. Whereas, with the tintype, it’s very intentional and you’re not gonna make very many in a day. They become valued objects, not just an image. Each image is absolutely unique, like a painting.”

So thats a little inspiration I thought I would share today. The amazing videography, and the message of maybe doing B instead of A to make you happy regardless of what others think.