Vancouver - An official moving announcement of sorts

Vancouver. If you told me I would be living here a year ago I wouldn't have believed you. I was/am in love with the island but after a facebook message of calling opportunity, a week of debating, and just a few hours of packing I was on the scuffed hardwood floor of my new home in Mt Pleasant, furniture search planned for the next day, wine in hand, pizza on the way.

Welcome to the city, surprise, you live here now.

The draw to Vancouver is practical. I was travelling here for work almost every weekend this summer, and if I wasn't working I was flying out of the Vancouver airport. My photography community is here, and the  companies I work for are here. The mountains are just a little more epic, and the ocean isn't too far, and I thought if I am going to live in a big city once in my life it may as well be now.

I can't wait to see what it has in store, and with Victoria and the island so close nothing will change for the photography work I already have scheduled. I am forever portable. 


Just a little addition to my map collection

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