This Must be the Place

On Sunday I found Lost and Found Films They are a small film company out of New York. They make short, true-to-life videos about real people. This Must Be The Place is a series of videos about people in their homes and this one really struck me.

John Coffer is a farmer in upstate New York. He left the rat race for a slower pace of life, and yet still blends modernity with other older traditional ways of living. He seems happy. Simplicity, and the chance to slow down is something I think I can take a lesson away from. (He is also a photographer himself which is maybe why I felt a connection)

"I got a bug to do wet plate photography in ’76. In this day and age of digital, it’s so easy to just shoot thousands of pictures a day. Each individual picture becomes rather insignificant. Whereas, with the tintype, it’s very intentional and you’re not gonna make very many in a day. They become valued objects, not just an image. Each image is absolutely unique, like a painting.”

So thats a little inspiration I thought I would share today. The amazing videography, and the message of maybe doing B instead of A to make you happy regardless of what others think.