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Ferry Crossing, Flores Indonesia Travel Photography

Ferry to Flores Indonesia The middle of the night passes unnoticed, and I am on the ocean. Over packed trucks sit below in a cargo hold, and their drivers pass time around me smoking cigarettes on cold metal benches.

The ferry ride, nine hours long seems like an eternity from my make-shift bed on the floor. The boat pushes forward through the night waves, and the sounds of the engine reverberate through the floor. My backpack props up my head, but I am not sleeping.

This is not comfortable or exotic or glamorous, it is the core of traveling. This is seeing a country like a local driver and his family. It is a pack of oreos for dinner and a night spent worrying that if you fall too deeply asleep your passport might not be packed between your camera gear in the morning. When you do wake up, kinda groggy, definitely grouchy, but a little in awe of the whole thing, well that is the feeling.

It is that feeling when the sunrises over Flores Indonesia as the ferry pulls into the harbor, and covered in dirt you've made it.


[Photos taken on Ferry from Sape Sumbawa to Labuan Bajo, Flores Indonesia December 2012 | Canon 5D | 35mm]

Over the Postcard

In Labuan Bajo, Flores Indonesia the planes are like buses; there is no identification necessary to get on, and the pilots in a laid back manner call into the waiting room it is time to board. We’ve arrived here too early, and check in took less than ten minutes. I start to gather the things that in the last two hours of I've spread out around my chair at the single gate. It is really the end of the journey east.  

The mountains stretch out the window here, and the t-shirt clad airport authorities smoke out the back porch with the Indonesian passengers. Their cardboard boxes are tied tightly ready to carry-on.

I look out the tiny window of the plane hoping the sky stays clear enough this afternoon to see the archipelago from above. In front of me argues a couple of tourists with a giant wood carved Komodo dragon between them. They are trying to figure out the best way to get it in the overhead bin. I laugh because it is so ridiculous. But what is more ridiculous is that I am headed back to Bali, and that its almost time to go home.



[Flores, Indonesia - Canon 5D | 35mm]