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2019 Photographer Promo Books

Due to the smashing success of my 2018 promo magazines - I’m back with version two. Making them always reminds me of being on the yearbook committee in high school where I first learned the basics of design.

Are you an art director/editor or anyone who hires photographers - want a copy? Send me a message with a mailing address and I'll get you one.

Promo 2019-1.jpg
James Bay, Victoria for Toolbox Design and The James at Harbour Towers

In September I woke up at sunrise for three days in a row to shoot a variety of images highlighting the James Bay Neighbourhood in Victoria British Columbia for Toolbox Design and Harbour Towers a new rental development in the area.

The goal was to showcase a warm and inviting place to live, as well as some recognizable establishments that add character to the area. The photos as a set had to look cohesive without the use of models carried through each frame.

Victoria to Vancouver (V2V) Ship waiting in Victoria's Inner Harbour at Sunrise
Toolbox-17 (1).jpg